Brace Yourself…

Our small but mighty battalion of mischievous F-Bombs has been toiling behind the scenes diligently for the past year to develop our ERC-20 TūX token and our charity-focused DeFi ecosystem, TūX™. It’s a platform so unique and extraordinary that it is destined to actually make the world give a @#$%& about crypto again – so to speak – and to care about about doing good in the world.

Now, your mission

should you choose to accept it
Join our ranks by buying an F-Bomb – maybe several. At the TūX token launch price of $0.10, each f-bomb is allocated 50,000 tokens which has a public launch value of $5,000. However, our goal is to get the price of the eternally deflationary TūX token up to $1.00 within the first year and $3 within the first five years, making every single F-Bomb worth a staggering $50,000 to $150,000. That’s life-changing money. If you’ve got diamond hands, just 7 F-Bombs could make you a millionaire! Even if you don’t and you’re just flipping NFTs, here’s one that’s vastly undervalued and rising fast.

Can we do it?

Can we push the price of the TūX token up over a dollar?
You betcha! We’ll be burning millions of TūX tokens every day right off the launchpad.

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